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Two Metre Tall Brewing - A Tasmanian Wild Ale 5.5% 375ml Bottle

Two Metre Tall Brewing

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This is the product you may have seen 2MT referring to on various social media as ‘The Future’.  Yes, “The Future” is finally here!  Sure, it looks very much like “A Cleansing Ale” used to.  And that’s the whole point! 

This has all been made possible by the slow, experimental learnings of a dedicated 18-year journey of exploration culminating, over the course of the last 4 pandemic-corrupted-years, when on each occasion 2MT brewed a batch of ‘A Cleansing Ale’, 2MT separated a volume of the base wort and allowed it to spontaneously wild ferment.  The oak barrels accumulated in their cellar, growing numerically such that they began to populate all available floorspace & sheds, eventually, and recently, spilling into the rows between their hop bines.  In August 2022 2MT siphoned an aliquot from each barrel, blending the pieces of this time-puzzle onto hop flowers in a tank and then, in September, they bottled it.

Not only spontaneously fermented, but spontaneously bottle conditioned!  Be in no doubt about this whatsoever, this is magic!  The original witchcraft in fact!

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