Beer 360, Richmond Victoria

Glass of beer
The place to talk and taste the best craft beers… online store coming !


468 Bridge Road
Richmond Victoria


Our story

A life in the corporate world gave me lots of experiences in exotic locations with plenty of food and wine, and of course, craft beer. Many dreamy conversations about ‘what if you had your own craft beer bar’ took place over a frothy!

Friends and business colleagues have always noticed that my passion ramps up when the topic turns to craft beer.

After inspiring me with the famous book ‘1001 beers to try before you die’, a challenge I couldn’t resist, my wife suggested I finally bite-the-bullet and turn my passion into business. Beer 360 was born.

I am excited about creating a place where fellow craft beer ‘travellers’ can gather together, talk, and taste beer from the extraordinary range of brews that are now on offer. Choices will only continue to grow, so drop in, there will always be something new on the taps and on the shelves!

Chris Dally
0412 654 800