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Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers - Ramjet 2023 Whisky BA Stout 10.8% 375ml Can

Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers

Regular price $29.00

Ramjet 2023 is even more special than ever, signifying 10 years of big, bold and boozy Stout! When Boatrocker first made this beer they had no idea how the market would take to it as there was ultimately nothing like it available at the time. 10 years on and after several iterations (Coffee Ramjet, Roger Ramjet, Dramjet, Fat Santa, Nordjet, Cremejet, Jackjet, iJet, Jaffajet)…. it’s safe to say it’s been a hit! Like the Ramjet’s that have come before it has been aged 6 months in freshly emptied Starward Whisky barrels from their long time collaborators in Port Melbourne. The barrels are a mix of American oak and French. The result? Layers of complexity, with a touch of vanilla on the palate and some red wine notes that were previously in the Starward barrels making their presence known. The whisky is prominent as usual, giving way to the rich malts, complex oak character and light fruit and roast malt finish.

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