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Future Mountain Brewing & Blending - Kissing The Beehive Barrel Fermented Honey Farmhouse Ale 5.4% 375ml Can

Future Mountain Brewing and Blending

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To create the beer, Future Mountain Brewing & Blending began by fermenting their farmhouse ale in oak with one of their house mixed cultures. Future Mountain Brewing & Blending added honey in the kettle whirlpool, and then also again after primary fermentation into the barrel, and then used honey to prime the bottles & kegs for natural carbonation. Adding the honey in the last two stages of the process really brings the honey flavour to the forefront, without overtaking the delicate farmhouse characters that we all love. On the nose, expect sweet florals, citrus, and spice. The palette shows the beautiful honey notes along with lovely earthiness, classic to Future Mountain Brewing & Blending style. The use of honey in this beer is to carry the farmhouse characters, rather than overtake it, leaving the honey character to be elegant, subtle and balanced. 

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