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Bodriggy Brewing Co - Indoor Plant Sale Hazy West Coast IPA 6.2% 355ml Can

Bodriggy Brewing Co

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Sometimes you just forget things. Like bin night. Or that back in the day having a nice whack of bitterness in an IPA was something that you craved so hard that if you saw something below 90 IBU's you would even consider buying it. Times change. As do tastes. IPA's have come a long way in the last 10 years. Now its just common to find an IPA that tastes more like breakfast juice than it isn’t. This one is a bit of a blend of both. Indoor Plant Sale Hazy West Coast IPA combines the juicy, soft rounded East Coast Style with the robust, pine-y West Coast Style. Using the classic West Coast staple, Centennial, and then dry hopping with the currently en vogue, Strata, this guy hits all those notes we like to taste in our IPA's. Pouring a gorgeous, deep, almost opaque hazy orange. The nose shows some pineapple, peach with a hint of that dank. The palate follows suit - however a refreshing balancing amount of bitterness joins the fray. Imagine a big juicy NEIPA that has spent some time in Portland, Oregon. Maybe he has family there, or maybe he went there for a seachange. Whatever, it’s your beer fantasy we won’t limit you. 

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